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【HelloPay Android版についてのお知らせ】

現在HelloPay のAndroid版はGoogleストア上からダウンロードが出来ない状況です。 機種変更や誤ってアプリを削除してしまった場合など、再度ダウンロードが必要な状況の方は、 下記のリンクからダウンロードしてご利用ください。(ダウンロードにはChrome以外のブラウザをご利用ください)... more


AMATERAS GLOBALの公式サイトでプロジェクトの進捗が公開されました。 こちらのAMATERS GLOBAL公式サイトよりご確認ください→https://amateras-global.org/uncategorized/208/ AMATERS GLOBAL公式サイトでアナウンスされている内容を直訳すると下記の通りです。    ... more

【ERCLET WALLETサービス終了のお知らせ】

ERCLET ご利用の皆様へ、 いつも ERCLET をご利用いただき誠にありがとうございます。 2018年より運営してまいりましたERCLETのサービスですが、 現在の利用状況を鑑み 2021年10月31日をもちましてサービスを終了させていただくこととなりました。... more


平素よりRexxプロジェクトをご愛顧頂き、誠に有難うございます。 また、当初からRexxプロジェクトをご支援いただいております皆様には深くお礼を申し上げます。   さて、この度はRexxプロジェクトについて、現在の進捗状況と今後の方針についてのご報告をさせて頂きます。... more

【c0banwallet Android版に関して】

現在c0ban walletはGoogleストア上からダウンロードが出来ない状況です。 機種変更や誤ってアプリを削除してしまった場合など、再度ダウンロードが必要な状況の方は、 下記のリンクからダウンロードし、12個のバックアップキーをご確認の上、復元をよろしくお願い致します。   Android版c0ban... more

What’s Rexx?

Rexx is a new generation of commercial-grade basic public chain, which aims to establish a blockchain ecological network with extensive digital trust, digital asset circulation and public shared applications.Building a value-for-money infrastructure through innovative consensus algorithms, as well as a multi-chain structure of the main chain-subchain, developer-friendly smart contracts and other core technologies. Rexx focuses on the future value distribution network, providing efficient, open and scalable underlying technical support, which is compatible with digital assetization and free circulation of various industries such as finance, Internet of Things, public welfare, POS machine hardware, and consumer credit. Combine IoT technology to create a broader "machine" trust and build a solid foundation for value circulation. Rexx combines digital assets, smart devices, and personal data to make people known as digital assets and the true beneficiaries of the new blockchain economy through digital transactions and smart contracts. In the Rexx system, peer-to-peer value transfer can be achieved through Rexx Smart Contracts, and based on this basic protocol, a multi-industry (financial, Internet of Things, e-commerce, social games, etc.) can be built to the center. The application development platform, any participating unit can easily release the universal certificate on the Rexx main chain, and can be freely distributed between the platform and the encrypted assets.The physical network composition of Rexx consists of nodes, in which the accountant nodes with certain conditions can participate in the mining revenue of the main chain. These accountant nodes can carry out the DAPP ecological construction in the Rexx main chain, making it a true The basic chain of the landing.

About Rexx

Getting Rexx Initially

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Rexx Explorer

Rexx Block Chain Browser is the main channel to browse for information about the main and side chains. The contents recorded by each Rexx Block can be viewed from the browser. Digital asset users can query transaction information recorded in blocks using the Block Chain Browser provided by Rexx.org. It will record in detail the confirmation process of each Rexx block, the generation and distribution of digital currency and record the digital currency flow between each block, thus creating a more complete and open disclosure of digital currency stock, increment, turnover rate and other information.

White Paper

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Coban Rexx Technical Community Established
2017.8 – 2017.11


– (Japan, China, Korea) technical community established.
– Future Rexx technology path determination.
– CobanRexx.org International community established.
– CobanRexx main chain development started.

POW Mechanism Rexx
Main Chain Online
2017.12 – 2018.9


– Technical problem analysis and solution formulation.
– Main chain wallet application NCW development completed.
– Main chain security application CBNB development completed.
– Side chain function development completed.

POW Turns to Rexx Backbone Mapping of DPOS Mechanism
2018.1 – 2019.2


– DPOS+PBFT mechanism Rexx main chain switch.
– DPOS mining mechanism Rexx main chain switching.
– HelloPay2.0 development.
– RSC Smart Contract Rexx Main Chain Upgrade.

Rexx Technology Application Landing Preparation
2019.3 – 2019.6


– R-Token application landing.
– REX exchange online.
– RDAP distributed asset platform development.
– Rexx mining contact campaign opening.

Rexx System Ecological Construction
2019.7 – 2019.11


– RDAP Distributed Asset Platform Testing.
– Rexx distributed asset platform online.
– The R-Token service of the Rexx main chain begins.
– Sidechain DAPP development service begins.

Enterprise Private Chain Development
2019.11 – 2020.3


– Existing Rexx network TPS.
– Private chain security mechanism importing the main chain.
– R-POS system development.
– Develop a comprehensive blockchain payment solution.

Decentralized Exchange CCEX Online
2020.4 – 2020.8


– REXX Asia Station is online.
– Implementing R-Token’s automated exchange docking.
– Sidechain interconnection technology upgrade.
– Rexx main chain realizes multi-chain communication.

Rexx Application Technology Upgrade
2020.9 – 2021.1


– IPFS-compatible application storage technology upgrade.
– REXX European station online.
– DAG technology import.
– REXX International Station is online.

Rexx Complete Ecological Completion
2021.2 – 2021.8


– Rexx main chain upgrade.
– Side chain smart contract automatic upgrade system startup.
– Rexx smart contract DAPP is fully open.
– Rexx main chain complete ecological completion.




Q.How to join Rexx org?
Please fill out the application form found in the join section.
Q.Can I join as a developer?
Yes. We can reply to inquiries in Japanese, Chinese or English. There will be an interview with the organization developer, but first, please send us a message using the join form.
Q.I sent the form, but the confirmation e-mail didn’t come through.
We're sorry to hear that. Please contact us again at contact@rexxchain.org or contact us using our official telegram.
Q.How can we add our company logo to the Rexx org website?
Please send us a message using the contact form. Once approved, it will be displayed on the site.
Q.The membership is free now. Are there plans to charge in the future?
We have no immediate plans to charge for a membership, so for now, it's free. Of course, we will annouce any subscription fee to our members before it is implemented.
Q.About membership disqualification
We want to keep Rexx org a positive place. Malicious or illegal acts, or harrasment of other members will not be tolerated. Complaints will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. If you have a complaint, please contact us.
Q.About withdrawing from Rexx org
We're sorry you're thinking about leaving. You can withdraw from Rexx org anytime, but please contact us before doing so.
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