2018.10.09 【Accepting applications for Coban Rexx 12:00 on Oct. 10 (JST)】

Application for Coban Rexx coins is set to reopen on the Hello Pay Wallet, as the money transfer restriction on the wallet put in effect by Lastroots Co., ltd. has been lifted.


● Application start: 12:00 on 10/10 (JST)
● Application deadline: 24:00 on 10/17 (JST)
● Distribution date: 10/18 (JST)
We will distribute the same number of Coban Rexx coins as c0ban coins we received to all registered Coban Rexx addresses.
● Returning date: 10/19 ~ 10/23 (JST)
We will return the c0ban we received to the designated c0ban addresses in the order it was received between 10/19 and 10/23.



Lastroots社による、ウォレットへの送金制限の解除を受け、Hello Pay Wallet での Coban Rexx の配布受付を再開いたします。


●受付開始: 10/10 12:00 – 日本時間正午 より
●受付締切: 10/17 24:00 まで
登録いただいた Coban Rexx アドレス宛に、
送付したc0ban と同数の Coban Rexx を配布いたします。
●返却期間:10/19 – 10/23
送付いただいたc0ban は上記期間中に戻し先c0banアドレスに順次返却をいたします。